Collect Information About HCG Diet

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone is really much popular as HCG is the hormone that is produced by the fertilized egg in females. When a female is pregnant, a hormone is released from the egg. This hormone has been studied and researched on by many scientists and doctors.

This hormone is produced by the cells in the fertilized eggs at early stages and later by the placenta. It is essential for a safe pregnancy as it is responsible for maintaining increased levels of progesterone. Progesterone is the steroidal hormone which is tasked with the process of lining the endometrium with a rich array of blood vessels and capillaries to supply nutrients to the growing fetus.

 HCG Diet

It is highly believed that the HCG hormones help in treating infertility for every pregnant woman. Since the hormone is similar to the LH hormone in many ways, it is used to stimulate ovulation so that fertility doctors can better estimate the times and provide treatments accordingly. In addition to these uses of HCG hormone, in the 1950’s a Dr. Simeons came up with a crash diet plan which included use of HCG to achieve weight loss.

The persons who are on the simeons hcg diet were given HCG drugs with a preset dosage and they were instructed to restrict the daily intake of foods to anultra-low 500 calories.

Importance of HCG diet

At the time of Dr. Simeons experimentation, injections were originally used to supply such kind of diet hormone to people. It is injected through the skin just beneath the muscles. Today there are many other methods through which this hormone can be taken into the body including drops, pills, powders, etc., HCG should be administered carefully at the right dosage.

This weight loss plan that was introduced many years back is still followed by some. It has been studied and there are many contradicting views on the results achieved by such kind of diet plan. Many people agree that weight loss can be achieved by following the plan of Dr. Simeons. But opposes argue that the particular weight loss is due to the extremely low calorie diet.

Proponents of using HCG argue that it is the hormone that makes it possible for people to stick to the balanced diet by reducing the appetite. It is really much speculated that the hormone helps in metabolizing the stored fat when people take diets with very low calorie values.

Informative Guide On HCG Weight Loss Diet

What is HCG: HCG Human Chorionic Gonadotropin that is secreted in higher amounts in females during pregnancy. The higher amount of hcg hormone in the urine of a female is often used as a test for determining if a woman is pregnant. The hormone is responsible for producing higher levels of progesterone which helps in building and maintaining the endometrial lining over the uterus with blood vessels and capillaries.

Uses Of HCG diet

The hormone has properties similar to the luteinizing hormone, thyroid stimulating hormone and the follicle stimulating hormone. Because of these characteristics, it is used in a variety of treatments. As it is similar to LH, it is used to a good extent in the fertility treatments. It is used to stimulate ovulation at preset times. As long as an ovarian follicle is present, a shot of hcg can induce ovulation within a 2 day period.

Another use of this glycoprotein is in weight loss and obesity treatments. Some research has shown that this hormone is the reason why pregnant women can still manage to maintain healthy fetus even when consuming low calorie diets.

The hcg weight loss diet is expected to have the capability to mobilize the fats from different areas of the body when the calorie intake is less. It is believed to help in fat redistribution and hence it is used in treating obesity in both men and women when the diet is less. The diet plan was first made popular by the British doctor Dr. Simeons in the 1950s.

There are two main components in such kind of hcg weight loss diet. One is the hcg and the other is the diet of very low calories. Persons who follow this diet are asked to be on a diet of 500 to 800 calories for a period of a month to 45 days. When a person goes on such low calorie diets, it will lead to fatigue and heavy hunger cravings, reduced metabolism and muscle loss.

But the advocates of this treatment say that in this case when the diet is combined with additional hcg, those symptoms are quite mild or absent. It is believed this is because of the ability of the hormone to utilize the existing fat in place of muscles to supply energy.

Since the diet is so less, it might be necessary to take on few extra nutrient supplements and protein supplements when on the diet. It is highly essential to consult your doctor and follow the suggestions when you are following this ultra low calorie diet plan.

Find Out Whether HCG Drops Can Do Wonders?

Everybody would have heard about HCG drop which loses body weight, but sure you will have many doubts which screw your head, this article will make you clear.

Some people are over weighted whenever they look into the mirror, they feel sad, dresses won’t fit them properly, feeling lazy to work, they feel irritated at times, so they decide to bring down their weight overnight, that’s not possible, but you can reduce your weight quickly. HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) drops are used to reduce weight.

HCG drops are said to be to “reset your metabolism”. It helps you to reduce your weight quickly, and gives you a pleasing shape. By taking these drops you can lower your weight easily, and you don’t feel hungry and weak all day. It helps you to burn 500 calories in a day in 8 weeks, is this amazing? HCG drops helps your body in many ways in keeping healthy. It chucks your old unhealthy diet.

Get rid from craving for food and sweets and pastries, controls your sugar level, blood pressure, and reduces joint pain. It enhances yours, self-worth and level of confidence and gives energy and motivation. What is HCG diet? It is a diet plan which helps you to know what to eat and what not to eat.

There are three stages in HCG diet plan, which helps you to understand and makes you to follow the diet easily, they are loading (2days eating fatty food),while taking HCG you have to load yourself with carbohydrate and fatty foods, in order to adapt with effects of HCG.

Burning (26 to 43 days eating 500 calorie foods)in this second stage you will start taking drops, so you should diet on very low calorie foods, and the last stage is Maintenance (3 weeks of sugar free diet) you should not intake any kind of sugar or starch based foods for three weeks. There are certain important things you should follow while taking your diet, people having health issues should consult the doctor, in order to avoid future problems.

Women who are menstruating should take up the diet before 10 days of the cycle or after their periods, but not on period’s and just before the period. Finally, you should take the drops 3 times a day and should not intake it on 7th day, and continue normally. Check your weight every morning for correct measurement. That’s it! Now start your healthy journey. Take care.

Best Hcg Drops For Weight Loss

Many people will be searching for the sites, finding how to reduce their extra pounds on their body. Are you tired of searching sites for your answers? Don’t Worry! You will find your answer here. Obesity, overweight, are issues which are growing like a rapid fire, being overweight will bring you lot of health problems, and it will reduce your self-confidence.

You can’t wear of clothes you like, which unfits you, you will be sitting idle in doing nothing, and you will be lethargic in doing works. Everybody will be suggesting you to lose weight, eat less, workout, so irritating isn’t? You will be waiting for the world to end.

Lose your weight, very easily and quickly, by HCG drops, which helps you to reduce your body extra pounds in few days, all you need , you should take those HCG drops with proper diet plan. When you start up with HCG drops for your weight loss, it does not only help you to lose weight but it also helps you to get other benefits like, getting rid of unhealthy eating habits, controls your sugar level, blood pressure, and reduces joint pain, and you will less craving for food and pastries.

Best Hcg Drops For Weight Loss

While taking HCG drops there are few things which are necessary that you should follow, in order to avoid issues in near future. HCG drops for weight loss, will have both positive and negative effects on some people. While taking HCG drops, some people have headaches due to dehydration, so drinking plenty of water in during diet will help you to get rid of it, other side effects like, constipation, fatigue, leg cramps, and positive signs like, you will have more energy, less irritable, improves your sleep and it also reduces the breast cancer for women.

There are plenty of HCG drops available in the market, to find the best one is quite risky. Here I will list you few best hcg drops to buy online, which helps you to get rid of extra pound. Products like HCG 1234, 2 oz, Intermountain HCG, HCG Complex, HCG Ammonia Plus, are best products which are effective and, can be suggested for the people who are planning for the dietary plans.

The product should be investigated properly before taking it, it is even better to consult your doctor, regarding  HCG drops for weight loss, which will create positive impact on the course and you can earnestly start off with it.